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Week of 8/3
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BSR Registration 7:30 AM
Band Camp starts! 8-4




Band Camp 8-4




Band Camp 8-4


BSR Auxiliary 11-4
Parent Meeting 6PM - Theater



Band Camp 8-4


BSR Auxiliary 11-4



Band Camp 8-4


Recycling 8-11 (auxiliary works)





CHARMS office
Update Your Information
Posted 8/4/15

Parents, students, and the directors are using Charms Office Assistant to keep track of all records, inventory, and points this year. EVERY STUDENT needs to login and update and complete their information online. You file MUST be updated to be issued a uniform.


  • Update your phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and street addresses
  • Use capital letters where needed (do not type everything in lower case)
  • "Add New Adult":
Add your parents and their contacts to your profile - include an e-mail and phone number even if its the same as yours

Login Information:

  • Login to on your phone or computer
  • If asked, the school code is northbsr
  • Your personal login code is your school ID number (6 digits)
  • If that does not work, we did not have your number, and you need to use your first initial and last name to access your file: Barak Obama will be bobama to login

PARENT meeting
Thursday August 6
Posted 84/15

An important parent meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 6, in the North HS Theater. Information about Band Camp, Charms, and fund raising is going to provided at this short meeting. A PARENT OR GUARDIAN or representative from your family MUST attend.


BLUE STAR regiment
A Progress Report
Posted 7/30/15

There are several things to report as band camp nears the start.

1.GROWTH: The Blue Star Regiment continues to grow. The band has 118 students enrolled, which is great! BUT... we haven't seen or heard from all of them. THIS IS THE TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN STUDENTS GET LEFT OUT, which we don't want to do! Band Camp is mandatory, and if these students do not show up for band camp, they will not have a spot in the BSR on the first day of school.

What can you do to help? Call your friends and remind them about band camp. THIS IS EXPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR 9TH GRADERS! Call YOUR friends to remind them that Band Camp starts August 10. We cannot help people who will not help themselves by attending band camp.

2. SHOW MUSIC: The music for 2/3 of the show is completed. That means that we are ahead of where we normally are at this point, and we can work on the music the entire length of band camp without waiting for updates.

3. DRILL DESIGN: Show design is moving along, with the goal to have the drill for the opener completed and ready to hand out when needed at Band Camp.

4. INSTRUMENTATION: We have to work on instrumentation. We still need people to volunteer to play some instruments for marching season. We still need three more baritones, three more tubas (five more would be GREAT!), and a lot of pit percussionists. Only two new percussionists have attended the rehearsals, which means eight have not attended even one thing. MAKE THOSE CALLS and encourage them to be there on August 10!

5. UNIFORM FITTINGS: These will take place during band camp as always. New this year is that your paperwork must be completed before fitting takes place. No exceptions!

6. CHARMS: Charms is a new program designed to keep track of everything and every student in the BSR, including your e-mail addresses, inventory, uniforms - literally EVERYTHING! We have this program now and you'll soon be provided with a personal link to update your information. From September on, most of your BSR needs will be tracked by "Charms" via your personal login.

INSTRUMENT check out
Posted 7/30/15

Instruments were checked out to students at the BSR Bash in June. If you weren't there, our selection of instruments is much more limited than it was. Instruments are available on a first-come-first-served basis. You must get an instrument on the first day of band camp! And remember, North HS does NOT check out or provide alto saxophones.

BSR at Pregame

BAND camp
August 10-20, 2015  
Posted 3/24/15

The 2015 Band Camp dates have been posted along with additional information. Click here to read more.

BLUE star regiment
2015 By The Numbers 
Posted 5/30/15

Number of Students
The 2015 edition of the Blue Star Regiment has a lot to look forward to next year. The band will one again top 100 members, and the auxiliary has 37 members to date.  DON'T BE LEFT OUT!

New Members: Info Number is set up for new students and their parents - both are encouraged to sign up for the FREE text service that reminds you about Blue Star Regiment events. This is a free service used by teachers - they don't see your number or any other information. Sign up by texting @2015newbsr to 81010. Its easy!

Number of July Band Practices: 0
That's right - there are NO July band practices this year. New students need to check out their instrument and pick up their music at the BSR BBQ and Rehearsals on June 11 and 12. The next time we all meet together is band camp in August.


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