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June 25 - 29
The master schedule may be accessed in the Charms calendar. Charms Calendar
Mon BSR Auxiliary 2-5
Tue None
Wed BSR Auxiliary 2-5

BSR Percussion 2-6

Instrument Check Out 2:30

BSR Winds 3-6

Thu BSR Percussion 2-6
Fri None
Sat None

To sign up to chaperone or to work at fund raising events, click the hand on the list or on the Charms calendar.

Check the Charms Calendar for itineraries, report and return times, if not listed above.

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Shirt Delivery June 27

There was a great turn out for the Jog-a-thon! The students that earned their free member shirt (Band PE clothes) can pick them up on June 27 at the music rehearsal.

Posted 6/9


Congratulations to the performers in the Prism Concert! There were a lot of creative and enjoyable acts.

Posted 6/5

Parent/Guardian Signature Needed

Weekly grade checks are benign sent home for students not completing their coursework. A parent signature is REQUIRED for a grade by the first day of the week. WATCH FOR THESE and ASK for it as half the students did not complete this last week.

Posted 5/21

Clinics / Final Placement

Clinics continue on Wednesdays and Thursdays for placement in the BSR percussion section. Final placements for scare drum, tenors, and marimba are on May 30. Check the Charms calendar for more information.

Posted 5/20

Symphonic Band / Wind Symphony

Congratulations to the Symphonic Band and the Wind Symphony. Both bands earned a gold rating from the judges.

Posted 4/15

Evolving Criteria

In a brief meeting with the current Wind Symphony members, it was announced the that selection for students in 6th period next year is changing. The criteria for staffing the Wind Symphony continues to evolve past simply checking off a lot of proficiencies. To read about the considerations for selection to Wind Symphony, click on this link: Wind Symphony Staffing

Posted 4/23

RUSD Concert Festival

Congratulations! Both bands received a superior rating from the SCSBOA judges! The bands also received a superior rating in sight reading.

Posted 3/22

BSR Drum Line


BSR Percussion Section

The members of the BSR drum line were participants in the Riverside Black History Parade on February 10. There were a lot of other BSR members on the sidelines to help cheer them along too!

Posted 2/24

Rehearsals Continue

The annual Percussion Clinics are completed, but the entire line has not been set at this time. View the Percussion page to see your current assignment. As attendance improves, students on the wait list will be placed into their positions.

Posted 5/6

Phone Formatted

Open the mobile news page on your phone or to your device and save the on your desktop. The news and selected events are mobile formatted for use on your phone. Its easy and convenient. BSRMobile Link

Posted 2/19

Proper Concert Attire

Dresses and skirts must be calf length or longer.
Dresses must be black (not polka dotted, striped, etc.).
All clothing chosen MUST cover the girl. Dresses designed to attract attention are not appropriate.
Girls may also wear black slacks and a black blouse.
Shoes must be black.

Dress pants (slacks) are black. No jeans.
Shoes are black - wear your marching shoes if they still fit. No sneakers, sports shoes, etc.
Shirt: Dress shirt with collar.
Tie: All black.

Posted 2/20/16

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2017 Wind Symphony


The National Association for Music Education festival held in Buena Park heard some great performances by our bands. Both the Wind Symphony and the Symphonic Band received superior ratings. Way to go to the concert programs!

RUSD Assessment Ratings
Congratulations to the band members. The Symphonic Band earned a unanimous superior rating including sight reading, and the Wind Symphony earned an excellent rating on stage and a superior in sight reading.

Updated 4/17

Performance Results to Date

Mayfair Tournament

  • 1st Band
  • 1st Guard
  • 2nd Percussion
  • High Music Effect
  • High Visual Effect
  • High Visual Performance

Heritage Tournament

  • 2nd Band
  • 1st Guard
  • 3rd Percussion

Centennial Tournament

  • 1st Band
  • 2nd Guard
  • 1st Percussion
  • Sweepstakes Music Effect

Rancho Verde Tournament

  • Sweepstakes Band
  • Sweepstakes Percussion
  • Sweepstakes Music
  • Sweepstakes Music Effect
  • 2nd Auxiliary

Lester Oaks

  • 3rd Band
  • 4th Auxiliary
  • 5th Percussion (overall)

Ramona Southwest Regional

  • 4th Band
  • 3rd Auxiliary

CSBC Semi Finals

  • 8th place

CSBC Championships - 5A

  • 7th place

WAMSB World Championships

  • Wind Symphony - Silver Medal
  • BSR - Gold Medal
  • 3rd Place overall

Tournament Results to Date

Canyon Springs Tournament

  • 1st Band
  • 1st Guard

Chaffey Tournament

  • 4th Band
  • 3rd Guard (overall)

Apple Valley Tournament

  • Sweepstakes Band
  • 1st Guard
  • 1st Percussion
  • Sweepstakes Music
  • Sweepstakes Effect

Rancho Verde Tournament

  • 1st Band
  • Sweepstakes Guard

Lester Oaks

  • Host Band / Guard / Percussion

Blue Star Classic

  • Host Band / Guard / Percussion

Ramona Southwest Regional

  • 3rd Band
  • 2nd Guard

SCSBOA Championships

  • 11th place

Monterey Park Parade

  • High Music
  • Sweepstakes Drill Team
  • 1st Band
  • 2nd Drum Major
  • 2nd Flags
  • 3rd Banner

Updated 11/25/16

Needed at Most Events

Chaperons are needed for most events. It is very important to have at lease one parent available to help out in the event that the teacher needs help when at an event. There are times when a parent needs to stay with students when a director needs to take care of a problem, meet with judges, or any number of other things.

EXAMPLE: All winter guard shows need a chaperon as Mr. Jackson typically takes the floor and cart in his truck. The parent needs to ride the bus and check the students in at the show if the truck has not arrived in time.

Sign up to be a chaperon by clicking on the multicolored hand next to the event.

Posted 2/20/16

Youth Activity In America!

You guessed it. Its marching band! In this video from the tv show, The Doctors, they explain sports injuries and the precautions the marching activity takes to prevent them. The Doctors (2:05)

Posted 8/11/16

Here's What's Going On

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