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IB MUSIC class information

GENERAL information

North HS offers standard and higher level Music Appreciation. Students are concurrently enrolled in the Wind Symphony performance class. Placement is this class is determined by testing.

By taking IB Music Appreciation, band students:

  • Receive weighted credit (same as AP courses)
  • Satisfy their UC subject requirements
  • Earn the 6th part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
  • Participate for four years in the North HS music program

COURSE requirements

There are two levels of IB Music - standard and higher levels.  The requirements for each are similar, and the requirements for students who are testing and not testing meet the same time demands for all components.

Standard and higher level IB Music classes may be taken in 5th period (Percussion Studio) or 6th period (Wind Symphony / Wind Ensemble Honors). Students must have a qualifying score for Wind Symphony performance to take the HL class.

Group Performance
Solo Performance
Music Links Investigation
Prepared Pieces Study
SL (testing)
5 or more composition class assignments
Perform with Wind Symph and Symph Winds**
Music Links Investigation assignment
Study assigned works for exam
IB Music exam
SL (not testing)
5 or more composition class assignments
Perform with Wind Symph and Symph Winds**
Music Links Investigation assignment
Prepare a Prism Concert ensemble**
Class IB exam
HL (testing)
5 or more and IB Composition Portfolio***
Perform with Wind Symphony**
20 - 30 minute solo CD of live performance
Music Links Investigation if not passed in SL year
Study assigned works for exam
IB Music exam
HL (not testing)
5 or more compositions ***
Perform with Wind Symphony**
Perform as part of the spring musical pit**
Music Links Investigation if not passed in SL year
Prepare a Prism Concert level ensemble**
Class IB exam
* Items outlined in blue are graded IB assignments that count for your certificate and/or diploma.  All assignments are graded for your class grade however.
** Students must meet minimum performance standards to earn the grade for this component.  If the student fails to qualify to play for this component, it cannot be graded and credit will not be issued.  The IB Certificate or Diploma will not be awarded.  ALL students perform with the Blue Star Regiment in the fall months.
*** HL compositions must be entered and turned in using music software.  It is highly recommended that SL students use the notation software as well.


Students need the following items to complete their IB Music assignments:

1. Computer - Assignments and required reading are accessed from this website. Students need to check and download information for each assignment. Students that do not have access to a computer at home may use the computers available in the library and in the director's office.

2. Notation Software - This is needed to complete the composition projects. The IB Organization grades the use of technology as part of the final grade for IB Music candidates. Instructions to download Finale Notepad are below.

3. Music Recorder - This can be a simple cassette recorder or some kind of digital recording device. All recordings submitted to IBO are required to be in cassette format, however, so students need to have the ability to transfer their digital recordings to tape.

FINALE notepad

Students can download Finale NotePad for free. Click the link to the right for download instructions.









Musical Investigation
Prescribed Works
IB Assignment Calendar


Music Theory Online


Internet Public Library (Drexel University ipl2)

Middle Ages
20th Century


Staff Paper
Score Paper
Answering an IB Question
Definitions: The "Phony's"


History of Music I - to Renn
History of Music II - Baroque
History of Music III - Baroque
History of Music IV - Classic


Download Instructions


Middle Ages
Music Composition1
Music Investigation









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